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Chiropractors are healthcare providers who specialize in restoring joint function and freeing nerve pathways. Conditions treated by chiropractors are extremely varied. Care begins with a thorough examination and review of your history. X-ray, laboratory, or other diagnostic aids may be necessary depending on your needs.

An unhealthy spine causes a multitude of problems —pain, arthritis, disc herniations, scoliosis, etc. All of these can occur because of joint and/or nerve impingement. A pinched nerve or joint can cause pain as well as disturb and alter the nerve signal from the brain to the body, not unlike a bad radio signal. This can result in a malfunction, decreasing the body’s ability to perform.

Regular Chiropractic Care helps you maintain a healthy spine. And a healthy spine encourages the body toward optimum health. Chiropractic Care addresses these and many other issues:

• Spinal Care

• Back Pain

• Acute Back Pain

• Spinal Arthritis

• Pinched Nerves

• Sciatica

• Disc Herniation

• Disc Degeneration

• Shoulder Problems

• Hip Pain

• Back Pain in Pregnancy

• Tennis Elbow

• Foot & Heel Pain

• Plantar Fascitis

• Headaches

• Carpal Tunnel